Summary of Discounts

When it comes to Dental Insurance, I don't need one.
With the Dental Savings Plan, I can get a cleaning for only $50, and just in case of unplanned dental expense, I get  20% discounts on a wide array of dental services ready for use anytime. It is simple, affordable, and easily accessible. I love it !

A family plan that truly works for the whole family!
The Dental Savings plan is a perfect plan for parents and children. Our children can get FREE comprehensive oral exam and cleanings for just $25 each. Additionally; they can get a topical fluoride treatment for $20. Along with similar discounts for us, the plan helps all of our family to have and maintain good oral health.

No gimmicks or hidden fees, a plan with Real Discounts!
Clear and simple discounts are very important to stay on budget. With the Dental Savings Plan, we get 20% off on all dental services not included on the summary of discounts. This plan is simple and affordable especially with the financing options, no maximum and no waiting periods, or pre-existing clause or condition.

Summary of Discounts

Diagnostics & Preventative
You Pay

Full Mouth digital x-rays

Single Film

Each additional film

Comprehensive Oral Evaluation

Limited Oral Evaluation

Panoramic Radiographic Image

Prophylaxis – Adult (Regular Teeth Cleaning)

Prophylaxis – Child (Teeth Cleaning)

Sealants per tooth

Fluoride Treatment

Composite Restorations (Fillings)
You Pay

Anterior - One Tooth Surface

Anterior - Two Tooth Surfaces

Posterior - One Tooth Surface

Posterior - Two Tooth Surfaces

You Pay

Scaling & Root Planning (four or more teeth per quad)

Full Mouth Debridement

Periodontal Maintenance

You Pay

Therapeutic Pulpotomy

Anterior Root Canal

Bicuspid Root Canal

Molar Root Canal

      Fees are estimates & subject to negotiation with the Endodontist                                 + $150 For Retreatment    
Oral Surgery
You Pay

Simple Extraction Primary Tooth
Specialist fee

Removal of Erupted Tooth
Specialist fee


Disclaimer: Discount fees Do Not apply for Specialty referrals and services when recommended or any dental service that is not offered at this location. We may negotiate discounted fees with the dental specialist to reflect 10-20% off specialists fees.

You Pay

Porcelain Crown

Core Buildup

Total Includes Buildup

You Pay

Total for 3 unit Bridge

Total for 4 unit Bridge

Total for 5 unit Bridge


Ceramic Inlays & Onlays
You Pay

1 Surface Ceramic Inlay

2 Surface Ceramic Onlay

2-3 Surface Ceramic Inlay

3-4 Surface Ceramic Onlay

You Pay

Upper Partial Flexible

Lower Partial Resin-Based

Temporary Retainer 

Orthodontic Retainer

You Pay

Surgical Placement of Implant
Specialist fee

Implant Crown-Porcelain and Custom Implant Abutment

Bone Replacement Graft
Specialist fee

Total for Implant
Miscellaneous/ Other Services
You Pay

                                      Porcelain Veneers                                            $1288
In-Office One Hour Whitening

Occlusal Guard

$Specialist fee


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